4th GrindTec Update: New industry barometer for grinding industry

Dear Sir or Madam,

As an expert in grinding technology, you know the situation in the industry. Together with the FDPW, professional association of precision tool mechanics, we want to establish an industry barometer. For this we need your help.

Industry barometer - current developements in the grinding industry

How do you assess your economic situation? What are the factors currently influencing your business activities? What can we do to make the GrindTec a successful event for you? We ask you to take five minutes to answer the questions. Thank you!

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Current information on the GrindTec: Implementation notes

We have summarised the current information on the GrindTec for you in this video.

Outlook on the GrindTec: Videos from the press conference

During the GrindTec press conference, Uwe Schmidt, President of the FDPW, made it clear that the GrindTec is a first step towards normalisation for the sector. Prof. Wilfried Saxler, Managing Director of the FDPW, emphasises the importance of the GrindTec as the world's leading trade fair for grinding technology.

The managing partners of the GrindTec organiser AFAG, Henning and Thilo Könicke, will talk in their lectures about the new platform "Grinding Match", as well as the current implementation concept, with tips for a safe and relaxed visit to the trade fair. GrindTec Project Manager Joachim Kalsdorf will give an overview of the facts and figures of the GrindTec 2020. 

Counsillor for Economic Affairs from the City of Augsburg, Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, and Lorenz A. Rau, the Managing Director of the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre, emphasise the importance of the GrindTec for the Augsburg location. 

Videos from the press conference

We wish you good preparation for the trade fair, and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have!

Your GrindTec project team