5th GrindTec Update: Grinding Match and Scan2Lead our new services for you!

Dear Sir or Madam,

  • Grinding Match is our new digital platform for all visitors who can not come personally to the GrindTec this year due to travel restrictions.
  • With Scan2Lead we can offer a new service for exhibitors and visitors at the GrindTec. 
  • We would also like to draw your attention once again to our new industry barometer and ask you to take part in the survey if you have not already done so. Thank you!

For some regions of the world, entry restrictions to Germany are expected in autumn. For our international guests, who unfortunately will not be able to visit the GrindTec this year, we are creating a digital offer with Grinding Match, so that they can still get in contact with the exhibitors and profit from the GrindTec.

For exhibitors, Grinding Match is a possibility to keep existing contacts at a distance and to make new contacts. In addition, Grinding Match also opens up new target groups for the GrindTec, for example from regions which have not yet been represented at the GrindTec.
Further information will follow shortly 

Scan2Lead - digital visitor registration at the exhibition stand

With Scan2Lead we can offer a new service for our exhibitors and visitors at the GrindTec: Visitor contacts can be digitally recorded quickly and easily, simply by scanning a barcode on the visitor ticket.

For the exhibitors, this results in an enormous gain in time, the data is immediately available and further processing and contacting is uncomplicated. With Scan2Lead, visitors have an easy possibility to leave their contact details in a targeted manner and thus receive further information or stay in contact.  

The services of Scan2Lead can be booked by exhibitors via the OSC.

Here's how Scan2Lead works - information video 

Industry barometer - current developements in the grinding industry

How do you assess your economic situation? What are the factors currently influencing your business activities? What can we do to make the GrindTec a successful event for you? If you have not yet participated in our survey, please take five minutes to answer the questions. Thank you!

Go to the survey 

Current information on the GrindTec: Implementation notes

We have summarised the current information on the GrindTec for you in this video.


We wish you good preparation for the trade fair, and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have!

Your GrindTec project team