GrindTec 2022: The international competence center for grinding technology focuses on the process chain

More than 300 exhibitors so far!

Precise grinding is much more than the short contact between the workpiece and the tool, so GrindTec makers will focus even more on the entire process in 2022 and will represent the entire technology and process chain in Augsburg, including all niches - from external cylindrical grinding machines to gear testing equipment. Because only those who master the entire process will achieve results for themselves and their customers that are process-reliable, reproducible at all times and thus highly economical.

All the parameters that influence production, starting with the design of a tool, through holding and clamping systems, the integration of digital interfaces, the use of cooling lubricants and abrasives, measuring, finishing, right up to tool management and packaging of high-end tools will be presented by over 300 exhibitors. Examples include tool clamping systems that can be adjusted to the μ and correct wobble errors, tools manufactured using the high-vacuum brazing process, the presentation of optimization options for the process through the use of the digital GDX data exchange interface, such as in-process measuring... "GrindTec is always practice-oriented and geared to the actual needs of the grinders, after all, as a technical sponsor and trade association, we are in daily contact with our members: it is therefore a trade fair by grinders for grinders," emphasizes FDPW Managing Director Wilfried Saxler. "The association is thus also a seismograph of what grinders want or need."

With a high degree of selectivity and in-depth knowledge, there are exhibitors in Augsburg for every niche, no matter how small, in the entire manufacturing process, whether it is gear tool grinding machines, hydrostatic grinding spindles, emulsion care, carbide saw teeth, honing stones, diamond dressing rolls or finishing films on a polyester basis. polyester-based finishing films that guarantee accuracies below 0.002 μ, or one is looking for re-use grinding machines. As the topic of Re-Use also comes closer to the idea of sustainability, many companies that produce sustainably or support sustainability will also exhibit at the 2022 trade fair. Thus, GrindTec is not only a performance show, but also the image of the entire supply chain, a trend barometer and every two years the largest future-oriented "mobile" competence center of grinding technology.