No GrindTec in 2020

Until the very end, GrindTec organiser AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen was in productive talks with the City of Augsburg in order to examine the effects of the new infection protection regulation on the implementation of GrindTec 2020. In Bavaria, additional corona restrictions will apply in the future from an incidence value of 100. Among other things, events with more than 50 participants, and thus also trade fairs, will then be prohibited. In the city of Augsburg, this incidence value has already been significantly exceeded for days. As a consequence, GrindTec is not feasible according to the current state of affairs, and according to the expert assessment of the authorities it is a mathematical impossibility that this situation will change by the time GrindTec is carried out. The trade fair organiser AFAG has formally applied for an exemption permit for this special trade fair, and this application was rejected. For these reasons, it is now clear that GrindTec 2020 is in fact impossible and prohibited.

Augsburg – At the press conference last Wednesday, all those involved were still confident that they would be able to hold GrindTec 2020 thanks to a hygiene concept, which had been developed together with the Free State of Bavaria and the responsible authorities, and which is individually adapted to the exhibition site and
GrindTec. In the night from last Thursday to Friday, the Free State of Bavaria reorganised the legal framework conditions by means of a decree for events in general and thus also for trade fairs. As a result, AFAG has entered into an examination with the responsible authorities.

In the "dark red" city of Augsburg, the change in the Bavarian Ordinance on Infection Control represents a prohibition of the event, which could only have been circumvented by the negative decision to grant an exemption.

Today, Tuesday, October 27, the Department for Sustainability, Environment, Climate and Health of the City of Augsburg announced to AFAG that an exemption cannot be granted due to the current infection situation in the city of Augsburg. According to the BayIfSMV, GrindTec would not be feasible in the planned form with today's 7-day incidence, but only with a maximum of 50 persons. For GrindTec to take place as planned, the 7-day incidence would have to be below 100 for six days without interruption. According to the available
forecasts, this is unfortunately practically impossible.

GrindTec 2020 would have been the first trade fair to be held at the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre since March. " GrindTec would not only have been an important signal and economic impulse generator for the grinding technology sector, but also for some other economic sectors of the Augsburg region, such as service companies, trade fair constructors, cab companies, retail trade, as well as the hotel and catering industry, a successful start to the trade fair with GrindTec 2020 would have been of existential importance", said Henning and Thilo Könicke. According to official figures, GrindTec 2020 would have brought a detour profitability of a good 30 million euros to the region.