11 - 14 March 2025 GrindTec

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16/01/2023 GrindTec

VBN Components AB

Looking for grinders for additively manufactured components

Do you want to expand your business with grinding of additively manufactured (AM) blanks? Do you have a modern machine park for circular grinding, precision grinding and surface grinding? Are you perhaps even interested in offering AM components to your customers? VBN Components are looking for partners who can grind hard and wear-resistant Vibenite® Near-Net-Shape components. We are also looking for companies that, in addition, are interested in selling Vibenite® components to various industries. Perhaps your company is a combination of both? VBN Components' additively manufactured Vibenite® alloys are extremely hard, wear and heat resistant, and can be used in demanding applications. With additive manufacturing it is possible to design complex geometries, combine several parts into one, add channels for media or reduce weight, without any soft machining. But the surfaces of the components often need post-processing to get the right tolerances. Come to our booth if you are interested in a collaboration!




Vibenite brochure (PDF, 559 kB)
Press Photo (PDF, 559 kB)

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